Recent Discoveries


In the midst of preparing for the holiday season, I discovered I was allergic to a number of common foods. The discovery came about through an allergy test. One hundred and four scratches were made into my back, dozens more into each arm. All to discover that there are many foods I love that I may not be able to eat.

I went to see an allergist because of the strange symptoms I was experiencing. I was having pins and needles (paresthesia) all over my body, more so in my trunk than in my extremities. In particular, I would get the feeling around my mouth when I ate. So while paresthesia doesn’t seem to be a common presentation for food allergies, I had some hints.

Fortunately, my sons’ allergist had a cancellation and I was able to visit him quickly. Early on, I showed a heightened allergic response to pineapple. I enjoy pineapple, but it’s not something I eat daily, so I wasn’t worried. But as the testing went on, more and more foods were added to my list. At one point, as the nurse prodded my arm with more tests, I began to feel the tingling sensation around my mouth, as if I were eating! I felt certain I was on to something, though as I soon discovered, I had uncovered more problems than I was prepared for.


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